About Us

Our Mission

We customly build new and remodel existing bathrooms for our clients to their specifications. We do this efficiently without jeopardizing the quality of work. We keep our clients informed by communicating openly and honestly throughout the entire process to ensure full satisfaction at completion of each project.

Our History

BathroomsIn1Week was founded in 2006 by Nathan Cravens in Lexington, Ky., after a realization that the biggest barrier to renovating a bathroom is inconvenience. Most homeowners weren't willing to take on the time searching for fixtures and materials, followed by the disruption in their lives caused by many weeks of demolition and construction.

BathroomsIn1Week is the solution to that problem.

After a successful launch in Lexington, Nathan told his lifelong friend, Ben Clark, Jr., about BathroomsIn1Week. Ben also grew up in the homebuilding business, in Owensboro, Ky. Nathan and Ben knew each other as kids going to homebuilding conferences with their fathers, and they stayed in touch as they each entered the industry. In 2008, Ben launched BathroomsIn1Week in Owensboro.

BathroomsIn1Week has renovated bathrooms for hundreds of clients in Lexington and Owensboro, from the simple to the sublime. Contact us today to find out how you we can help  you to have the custom built bathroom of your dreams!


Nathan Cravens

A third-generation remodeler, Nathan Cravens grew up in Lexington, Ky., learning all facets of the building industry. In 1998, he entered the remodeling segment of the industry, forming Nathan Cravens Builder. After many years renovating residences, businesses and horse farms, he founded BathroomsIn1Week in 2006. Nathan is also a licensed realtor with Cravens Realty, which gives him valuable understanding of the real estate market.

Visit NathanCravens.com for more information.


Ben Clark, Jr.

Ben Clark, Jr., was born in Owensboro, Ky., and is a graduate of Western Kentucky University. He started Distinctive Homes by Ben Clark, Jr., specializing in custom homebuilding. He has successfully completed projects in the Lake Forest, Summit Golf Course, and Tanglewood Park communities in Owensboro, in addition to helping manage the Rivercrest Town Home Project, a $2.5 million project located within the $7.5 Million Owensboro/English Park Boatramp Renovation.

Visit BenClarkJr.com for more information.


  • National Association of Home Builders
  • NAHB Remodelers
  • Home Builder Association of Kentucky
  • Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky
  • Board of Directors and Remodelers Council
  • Home Builders Association of Owensboro